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2021 Note of Thanks

Thank you to the following for posting online about Audiophile Day approaching. Letting people know about it in advance is greatly appreciated. Alpha-Audio Domes Audio Video Environments Enjoy the Expressive Audio Fiona Joy Hawkins High Music & Hi-Fi Appreciations Orchard Audio Suono UHF Blog This page will be updated as other posts are discovered


The sixth annual celebration of Audiophile Day is October 2, 2021.  Once again, the ways in which people might celebrate this year are likely to be different than in the past, and we continue to encourage keeping the health and safety of yourself and others a priority.  A simple moment of appreciation in our lives … Continue reading 2021


October 2, 2020 marks the fifth annual celebration of Audiophile Day.  Considering the issues surrounding the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus global pandemic and the number of COVID-19 cases around the world, plans that people may make to celebrate this year are likely to be different than in years past.  However you choose to celebrate, please keep the … Continue reading 2020

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